Gaining Self Confident

Due to my mental health issues, I suffered from a lack of confidence in myself. It got so bad, I refused to wear shorts/mini skirts/dresses in the summer or even leave the house. You see, I was bullied in school from a young age from friends and also by family members. I was also told, […]

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Self Care Tips

In the last few years, my self care routine has become increasingly important to me. I have had to learn to love myself after being diagnosed with mental health issues. I recently started to learn to take time out for myself. It can be difficult to listen to your own body, but, it is all […]

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My Mental Health Journey

This post is my personal story with my mental health issue. At the age of 19, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I can remember the day, I was diagnosed. The day before, I was in work. At the time, I worked as a chef. I was pulled aside, I told that I was […]

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