Hey Beautiful and welcome to Goal of Happiness,

First of all, I wanted to say “you are beautiful inside and out”.

Are you lacking in confident? Are you overweight and would like to lose it? If the answer is “yes” to any question, then the answer is Goal of Happiness. It’s time to start the journey.

What is Goal of Happiness?

It was launched in 2019, to encourage a community of women to love who they are. It is a personal journey but we can help each other together.

Why was Goal of Happiness set up?

I was always looking to being happy within myself. This involved trying to please everyone. I thought this was the answer to all of my problems. Only realising that I need to love yourself. It’s OK to being selfish sometimes. You can take an hour out of your schedule to go the gym, see your friends from a drink or have time for a spa treatment.

What can Goal of Happiness do for you?

It was set up to:

  • give you tips and tricks from self-care
  • workout to help reach your goals
  • help and guide you through your journey

A bit about me

I’m Charlotte. I studied hospitality management in University. My current job is working a cafe and I HATE it. I fell in love with this fitness about three and half years ago. When I looked at myself and was embarrassed by my looks. I was overweight and seriously lacking in confident. Deciding to do something about these issues, I decided to lose some weight by the time of my graduation. So, I signed up for the gym and would going to the gym early in the morning or at lunchtime, just so no one see me. I slowly gained some of my confidence . Three months later, I joined Les Mills class in the gym (I went with my dad for support). I lost some weight for my graduation.

However, I still wasn’t happy. In the beginning of 2019, I challenged myself to change my health. This resulted in a change of my diet and fitness routine. I started running and using new gym equipment such as stairmaster, lifting heavier weight, etc. This helped in me gaining my confidence and I am SUPER happy within myself.

Facts about me

  • Was diagnosed with anxiety and depression at the age of 19
  • Training to become a Personal Training

Work with me

If you have any products or service that you think would be a good fit then I would love to help advertising it on goodofhappiness.com. I can offer a range of opportunities including social media, reviews and competitions.

For more information about advertising opportunities, please do not hesitate to drop an email at contact@goalofhappiness.com

I can’t wait to see and help you with your journey.

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