Nirvana Fitness Challenge 3

Do you want to do a fitness challenge? Have you tried this one? Do you want to see how fit you are? It can be performed in the gym or at home.

I love this fitness challenge as it makes you want to better myself at each round. It also only lasted about 15 minutes. Make sure to warm up and cool down when performing this challenge to avoid illness. It does not matter how fit you are, you will improve.

You will need to listen to Nirvana ‘s Smell Like Teen Spirit, a mat, a towel and plenty of space during this challenge.

This is a body explosive challenge. There will be 4 rounds, each round will consist of performing each exercise 3 times. This is during the chorus. During each set, try to beat the last one. If in the first set, you might only manage to do 10 reps. In the next set, try beating it, by going for 14 reps.

Round 1

Jump Lunge

Round 2

Jump Squats

Round 3

Half Burpees

Round 4

Mountain Climbers

I dare you to try it, then challenge your friends and family.

Enjoy this challenge, why not try some others


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