Sundose Supplement Review

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How much do you spend on vitamin and minerals supplement? Do you know what vitamins and minerals your body needs? All of the supplements that you are currently using is tailored to everyone’s body. However, nobody’s body is the same. However, there is one company that will help you. That is Sundose. They provide an one-stop shop with all of the vitamins and minerals that your body requires. It is 100% tailored to your body and no ones else. All it involves, is taking one sachet each day.

Who are Sundose?

This company began back in 2013, as a specialist dietary clinic for athletes. During this time, they helped clients to achieve their results by eliminating nutritional mistakes and habits contributed by poor lifestyle. Once gaining the experience with professional sport person. They decided to help people outside of the world of sport. To them, it become clear that many people were not fulfilling their dietary requirement. So, in 2018, they started Sundose.

What is Sundose?

Sundose is different from anything you won’t ever try. It is scientifically tailored to your body by results from a health survey and/or blood test. With all of this information that is gathered, the formula is developed individually by their nutritionist. Vegan don’t need to worry, this is also available.

Each sachet is mixture of vitamins, minerals, omega 3 acids, bioactive substances and probiotics. They are also free from preservatives, colouring, agents and fillers. This results in the product having a short shelf life and needs to be stored in the fridge.

How do I start using Sundose?

To start, you will need to complete the online health survey. It takes 15 minutes maximum to complete. These are results that get sent to the dietitian. First, the health survey will want to know your age, gender and whether or not you are excluding anything for your diet. Then it will ask you some other health and lifestyle questions. Such as how much coffee/ water do you drink?

After completing the health survey, you paid for your supplement. You are asked if you prefer orange, eco-chlorella or no taste at all. (No taste does not contain any sweeteners). In addition to this, you are asked what would you prefer the supplement to focus on: higher energy levels, immune system, better regeneration, healthier hair and nails etc. Also, make sure to tell them if you have had a blood test and whether or not, it was positive or negative.

What happens after completing the health survey?

Sundose will send you the supplement in each individual sachet inside a box. You will receive a powder and capsules sachets. It is recommended to take them at breakfast. I found it was easy to them at breakfast and I felt ready for the day ahead. For the powder, all you need to do is add 250ml of water and stir.

I really enjoyed using Sundose supplement. I asked for higher energy levels as this is something that I struggle with. After, using them for about 1 week, I noticed that I was not feeling sluggish in the mid-morning like before. I have tried many different supplements, but never find something that is uniquely tailored to my body. This product makes it easier to give your body all of the nutritional value it needs with the stress. If you would like to try this product, use charlotteb to get £20 off of your first order.


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