Week 6 Training (7- 13/10/19)

This week has again been a busy one. The GB rally has just finished on Sunday. At the beginning of the week, still working long hour. My body is tired and sore. However, it was the best week.


Thought I change my workout routine. I went to the gym instead of running.

Gym workout

5 Minutes walking

3×10 plie squats

3×10 ski squats

3×10 lunge

2×10 curtsy lunges

3×10 lunge with high knee

3×11 jump squat with thruster

2×10 single arm bented weighted row

3×10 shoulder press

2×10 single arm arnold press

2×10 dumbbell rear-delt fly


After a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast. I have the best run in two weeks. I run 7km in just 1 hour. There was a cool breeze but it was refreshing. It also rained halfway through my run.

My breathing technique has improved but still needs some training. However, I still need to learn to run on the balls of my feet.

With these improvements, I managed to run 5km in 40.28 minutes.

What was your best achievement?

Stay happy fit


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