Week 3 Training (16-22 September)

This week, the weather started turning cooler and wetter. It was starting to feel like autumn.


The weather condition were not the greatest. The day before, had been rain most of the day. Meaning the route, that I would be running on would be muddy and have puddles. This didn’t stop me from going. It was difficult to run along the route as I was trying to avoid slipping and going through the puddles.

I managed to run 6.5k in 58.21 minutes. Only 30 seconds slower than my best run.

“Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.” Sarah Condor


The weather was much better than Monday. It was dry and sunny. The weather was cool.

I am still working on my technique.

Trying to shorten my stride to improve my running posture, without thinking about it. However, my breathing techniques is slowly starting to improve. I have started breathing mediation, which I do every morning after waking up and also, ever evening before bed. This involves lay down on the floor/ bed and breathing from deep within the stomach. I do this for about 5-10 minutes. This has helped me with my running.

I run 6.5k in 58 mins.

Gym Workout

I did a full body workout with some weight training.

5 minute warm up

3×10 squats

3×10 sumo squats

3×10 lunges

3×10 side lunges

3×10 weighted jump squats

3×10 goblet squats

3×10 lunge with a weight plate snatch

2×10 shoulder press

3×10 single arm weighted row

3×10 half burpees

3×10 mountain climbers

3×10 bicycle crunches

2×10 donkey kicks

5 minutes cool down

Stay Happy Fit


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