Week 2 Training (9-15 September)

“The voice inside your head that says you can’t do this is a liar.” Unknown.

This weeks training schedule involved 3 runs and 1 gym workout. The gym session was an upper body and abs workout.


Today, I could only managed a short run. This is due to my workload and not feeling well. I only managed 2.25k.

“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” Juma Ikangaa


It was perfect conditions for a run, it was dry and cool. I had a running companion join me on my run. I was joining by my dog. I could only manage to run 4k (running about 40 minutes) with her. I was trying to run but mostly it was a run/walk. However, it was fun to spend some time out in the fresh air.

The last 20 minutes was this run was difficult. I had to make up for the distance that I lost whilst running with my dog. Even with my dog, I managed to run 6.5k in 58 minutes.

This was a personal achievement, as this was the longest run I have ever run in my life.


I had to go for a run after work. I managed to run an amazingly strong 6.5k. Since I have been working on my technique, each k is getting easier to run and I am getting less tired. I still have some way to go before running becomes second nature to me.

I have been running for about 5 months and it is starting to be enjoyable.

Gym Workout

5 minute Warm up

3×10 Overhead Press (weight plate)

3×10 Dumbbell Row

3×10 Push up

3×10 Lateral Raise

3×10 Sit Up

3×10 V Crunches

3×10 Side V Crunches

3×10 Bicycle Sit Up

5 minutes cool down (stretches)

Stay tune for more progress

Stay happy fit


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