Week 1 Training (2-8 September)

“Some sessions are stars, and some are stones, but in the end, they are all rocks and we build upon them” Chrissie Wellington

This is the week where I hit my summer goal of running the distance of 5k (3 miles). It was also the week in which I decided that I wanted to run my first half marathon.

The training for this week included 3 runs and 1 gym workout sessions. The gym session was a full body weight workout.


Today, I ran a 5k run. It was the first time, I ran where there were more people than my normal quiet place. I felt a little nervous running about in the public. However, once I settled into the rhythm of my run, my nervous simply fading to the back of my mind. I started to feel comfortable.

I run 5k in 44 mins.

View of Conwy, Wales


First day of training for my half marathon challenge. I currently using 10k app as my training program. I decided to work on my running technique. I discovered that I had been running wrong for the whole summer. I had been running with a long stride and was landing on my heels.

In this run, I decided to change/ improve my technique. There were a few things that I tried to help with technique:

  • Long Strides – I notice that I was running with long strides. This was causing me some pain in my hips. I needed to shorten my strides. I tried to make sure that my feet landed under my knees. Also trying to not lift my legs too high off the ground. This cause my run to be slower than normal but very helpful.
  • Breathing– This one is hard, I will be working on this one for a while. I have been breathing with shallow chest breaths and I should be breathing from deep in my stomach.
  • Running on the balls of your feet not the heels – It may feel normal to run on your heel as this is how we walk. However, this can cause danger/ injury to your ankles, knees, hips or lower back. For the technique to work, the runner needs to slow the run down. When I did this run, my average pace was 9.20 minutes per kilometres.

“You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face.” Gatorade Ad.


After Wednesday, where I worked on my technique. I felt this was one of my best run to date. I ran 6.25k in 58 minutes. Running my fastest 5k and 6k.

5k – 42 minutes

6k – 52 minutes

However, I also, did one workouts in the gym.

My full body workout was a 45 minute body weight session. It included:

3×10 squats

3×10 lunges

3×10 side lunges

3×10 mountain climbers

3×10 push up

3×10 sit up

3 x 8 v crunches.

Stay tuned for more progress

Stay happy fit


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