Couch to 5k App Review- C25k

A couple of week ago, I wrote a review on another running app, Runner 5K. In this blog post, I will be review C25K. I wanted to compare the two couch to 5k challenge app.

C25k is a Couch to 5K challenge. It runs for 8 weeks and suggests that you train three days a week with a rest day in between. It only take about 30 minutes to do a challenge. However, you can do the challenge for has many days a week, you feel comfortable doing. For me, it depends on my work schedule. Some weeks, I can manage three running sessions and others, it may be one run.

This app is great for anyone looking at getting into running. It is really easy to use. The user just needs to download the app on to their phones. The only things you need to start is headphones/ earphones, trainers and their phone.

The only negative that I see with this app is that you have to pay for an extras such as Distance Tracker and music. However, the user can track the distance they do, on a smartwatch.

The things I liked are being told when I am halfway through and when I have one minute last in my running session. I always like how easy it is to use and also, the fact that it tells you when you completed a run last. In addition to this, it lets the user go back to a past run and completed. Say, you are on Week 4, Day 3, at the end, you feel that you not ready to go to the next week. You are go back and do it again. On the other hand, if you complete the 5K challenge, there is an option to upgrade to the 10K challenge afterwards.

In conclusion, this is a good app but it not the best. However, if you are starting to get into running and you want something that is free, this is the app for you. If you want an app with music and distance tracker, you will have to pay for it. On other hand, there is the option to train afterwards 10k.

C25K is available on Google Play for free.

Get outside and start running.

Stay Happy Fit.

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