Self Care Tips

In the last few years, my self care routine has become increasingly important to me. I have had to learn to love myself after being diagnosed with mental health issues. I recently started to learn to take time out for myself. It can be difficult to listen to your own body, but, it is all […]

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5k Runner Review

In the last few months, I started running. I am currently training to run 5k (3 miles). I decided to use a running app, designed for the challenge. The app, I used was 5k Runner. It was a couch to 5k challenge. It, also, might that I would be in the fresh air, exercising. This […]

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Just Strong Brand Ambassador

I have been inspire by some many strong people through out my life. These people include family/ friends and others celebrities such as Beyonce, Pink, my nan, my grandma, my granddad and many others. Because these people inspire me to be where and who I am today. I always wanted to inspire other people. I […]

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