My Weight Loss Journey

This picture was taken in 2015, when I was on a family holiday.

I begin my weight loss journey over 2 years ago, when I realised that I was going to graduate from university. I wanted to wear something nice, like everyone else. I was close to a size 22 in clothes and unhappy with no confident. Also, with the amount of stress I was under, I needed a way to help focus. Due to my mental health, doctors told me that exercise might be a way to help manage the condition.

I decided to join my local gym. I had a target set out. I would go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week for about 45 minutes to an hour. My workout mainly consisted of 25 to 35 minutes of cardio with 15 to 25 minutes of strength/weight training. In January 2017, I started going to Les Mills Grit Strength for one day a week.

Within the first few weeks, I started feeling some of the benefits from going to the gym. I noticed, I was focusing better on my assignments. My mental health, in general, was improving. I was having anxiety attacks less frequently. I, also, saw that I starting losing some of the weight.

By the time, my graduation ceremony came around, I had dropped one dress size and starting to love the way my body was looking.

As of January 2019, I decided to take my weight loss a step further. I changed my diet and workout. I had adopted a gluten free diet and had started running. I was using C25K (Couch to 5K app). I still go to the gym. I now run least twice a week and also, go to the gym twice.

In the last few months, I lose nearly 3 stone in weight and dropping over 2 dress sizes. I am continuously gaining my confidence back.

My goal is to continue losing weight to get to my happy weight and to be able to look good in different styles of clothes. Also, I would like to continue to improve my fitness.

This picture was taken recently (2019)

Stay happy fit


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